Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Organ India-Body Donation For Anatomy

Organ India provides an organ transplant guide, which has the list of hospitals that are doing organ transplantation in different cities, and the organs they are specialized to transplant. A drop-down menu lets you choose the city, the second one is the organ you need and then the third one is for the hospital names. After you have made the selection, the complete detail of the hospital appears with all the contact information, viz., Doctor's Details, Chemists, Labs & Blood Bank, Medical Supplies, Accommodation, Ambulance, Travel Services, Restaurants, and Generals Stores, so that you can focus on the treatment while leaving peripheral worries behind.

For those who suffer this kind of situation, at that moment, it is the biggest test of life, and all they pray is for someone who’d be generous enough to donate the organs, to save an innocent life. Like, for Pancreas Transplant in India, there are many patients waiting in line, with no avail, waiting for their turn, many losing their lives in this process. Organ India shares their experiences in the blog and sets up campaigns to spread awareness among the people to make more and more organs available to the needy patients, by simply donating.

The lesson to be learned here is that for the benefit of the world, for saving precious lives, if Maharishi Dadhichi could give up his body while being alive, then we sure can do that after our death. Organ donation is not the only option, whole body donation for anatomy research is also a great cause for giving up your body for greater good. Organ India makes sure that your body is in the service of medical science after your demise. Pledging the body for donation is the silent promise of the life that you give to the mankind, and Organ India holds your hand in every step of it.

But it doesn’t come easily to create awareness about body donation. Some people think it is an insult to the body that shouldn’t get deprived of last rites, other think it is a just a good deed for those who are not as religious. Nevertheless, many instances in Hindu mythology suggest that giving up something to help save a life is the best service of mankind. The most famous story in this collection is that of the famous Deh Dan by Maharishi Dadhichi. As the story goes, once upon a time, there was a war between gods and demons and King of Gods Indra was left distressed by the powerful demon Vrittrasur, at that time, Indra was given this suggestion to go to Maharishi Dadhichi and seek for the donation bones. Heeding to Indra’s request of saving Gods and the whole world, Dadhichi Rishi readily left his body which was then cleared of all the flesh by Kamdhenu and the bones were used to make Vajra-Astra, the most powerful weapon that could finally kill Vrittrasur.

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