Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Organ India-Body Donation For Anatomy

Organ India provides an organ transplant guide, which has the list of hospitals that are doing organ transplantation in different cities, and the organs they are specialized to transplant. A drop-down menu lets you choose the city, the second one is the organ you need and then the third one is for the hospital names. After you have made the selection, the complete detail of the hospital appears with all the contact information, viz., Doctor's Details, Chemists, Labs & Blood Bank, Medical Supplies, Accommodation, Ambulance, Travel Services, Restaurants, and Generals Stores, so that you can focus on the treatment while leaving peripheral worries behind.

For those who suffer this kind of situation, at that moment, it is the biggest test of life, and all they pray is for someone who’d be generous enough to donate the organs, to save an innocent life. Like, for Pancreas Transplant in India, there are many patients waiting in line, with no avail, waiting for their turn, many losing their lives in this process. Organ India shares their experiences in the blog and sets up campaigns to spread awareness among the people to make more and more organs available to the needy patients, by simply donating.

The lesson to be learned here is that for the benefit of the world, for saving precious lives, if Maharishi Dadhichi could give up his body while being alive, then we sure can do that after our death. Organ donation is not the only option, whole body donation for anatomy research is also a great cause for giving up your body for greater good. Organ India makes sure that your body is in the service of medical science after your demise. Pledging the body for donation is the silent promise of the life that you give to the mankind, and Organ India holds your hand in every step of it.

But it doesn’t come easily to create awareness about body donation. Some people think it is an insult to the body that shouldn’t get deprived of last rites, other think it is a just a good deed for those who are not as religious. Nevertheless, many instances in Hindu mythology suggest that giving up something to help save a life is the best service of mankind. The most famous story in this collection is that of the famous Deh Dan by Maharishi Dadhichi. As the story goes, once upon a time, there was a war between gods and demons and King of Gods Indra was left distressed by the powerful demon Vrittrasur, at that time, Indra was given this suggestion to go to Maharishi Dadhichi and seek for the donation bones. Heeding to Indra’s request of saving Gods and the whole world, Dadhichi Rishi readily left his body which was then cleared of all the flesh by Kamdhenu and the bones were used to make Vajra-Astra, the most powerful weapon that could finally kill Vrittrasur.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Organ India-Liver Transplant in India

Launched by The Parashar Foundation, a Delhi based NGO, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, is an initiative to address the desolate state of organ donation in India. The lack of organ donors in India results in the death of various hospitalized persons. Organ India understands the true value of saving a life at risk and thus committed to developing an ecosystem where people can actively participate in organ donation and make the needy people revive their life once again. With improvements in medical sciences, bone marrow transplant in India, cornea, liver and pancreas transplant in India have become absolutely possible.

Organ India is a platform which is illuminating the bone fire of awareness among the people and making them understand the importance, process, and facts associated with organ donation. The diverse organs of a brain dead body can be used for cornea transplant in India and liver transplant in India. A brain dead body is left to die naturally, in the meanwhile the important organs such as liver, heart, kidney remain alive. What Organ India is doing is to make the people aware of the transplantation possibilities of such organs. This helps the required organ to be transplanted into the body of the needy person who will lose their life if they are unable to find the healthy organs on time.

Organ India works as a connecting platform for the desiring donors to pledge their organs. After providing all the required details, the willing donors receive donor cards. Donor card stands for the consent provided by a person that the living organ of his body can be utilized after his death. This consent again gets verified with the family's willingness after the death of the person. Organ India enables the interested people to apply for their donor cards in online mode.

There are two types of organ donation - Live Donation & Deceased or Cadaver Donation. One is the live donation and other is deceased or cadaver donation. Live donation means the donation of the organs by a living person, while in the deceased donation, the organ is donated by a person who has been declared brain dead by the doctors. Live donation can only be done for liver and kidney. Pledging organs at Organ India stands for deceased organ donation.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Organ India-Body Donation For Research

Organ India is one of the largest NGOs working in the field of medical science and organ transplantation. It has been creating awareness as well as facilitating organ donation for the needy patients. But this is not the only kind of donation that is needed by the world, there is another kind of donation which is mainly used for the purposes of higher education and advanced research; it is the whole Body Donation for Anatomy research, in which the body is taken up by the institutions for research and the person or family has no say in the matter where, when or how the body will be used.

Body Donation is a huge decision when it comes to giving up the rights to the body after expiration, but it is also a right one to make, especially if it is meant to save lives, even if that means that the body won’t get last rites. And it is not just a modern thought, it has been witnessed in the ancient stories where it was not only praised but also worshiped. The biggest precedent of this noble action is Dadhichi Rishi, who gave up his body for saving innocent lives from the wrath of evil.

Dadhichi Rishi was himself a medical practitioner and was an expert in various skills (related to surgery and operations), but he is well-known for giving up his body to make a weapon that could be used by ‘devas’ to get rid of the evil ‘asuras’. If we go deep in the symbolic representation of the tale, we can see that we are in the grip of diseases and disorders (evil) and get rid of our severe health problems, we also need people kind and courageous enough to be able to donate their bodies for greater good, in this case, being an essential element in the education, research, and development of medical sciences.

Body Donation for research is taken up by many medical institutions for medical training and technological studies on the body, all over the world. But being a culturally and traditionally Orthodox country, it is not as easy in India as it is in some other parts of the world. That doesn’t mean that there are not people who want to donate their bodies, however, there is a majority that doesn’t want to the body to be mutilated after death, which puts them in a position where they just want to follow their last rites for the body and let it rest in peace. For that purpose, there are many organizations working to create awareness about the importance of organ donation and whole body donation. A forerunner in this line, Organ India also facilitates Whole Body Donation for those who want to help in the development medical science, even after they are gone.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Bone Marrow Transplant in India With Organ India

Organ India is one of the most reliable organ donation platforms of India. Promoting the true spirit of organ donation for restoring the lives on the verge of death, Organ India is letting the people understand the organ donation and the transplantation process in a meaningful way. In line with the ongoing developments in the medical science, Organ India is making the people understand the medical advancements in India. Kidney transplant in India, lungs transplant in India, bone marrow transplant in India, cornea transplant in India, pancreas transplant in India; all sorts of transplantations have become possible in Indian medical sector. Being a connector of the donors and the receivers, the mission of Organ India is to let the people pledge their organs to save the lives. Hitherto, people in India suffering from the organ related issues have pessimistic hopes towards life. Organ India is making those people and their relatives understand the insights of the organ donation and transplantation procedure so that the lives could be saved at the earliest. It has its detailed organ transplantation guide that is dedicated to letting the general people understand the procedure in the best possible manner.

Through regular campaigns, organizing events, sharing informative ideas; Organ India is spreading awareness to make the suffering lives revive again. Through its continuous research throughout the Indian medical sector, it aims to make the people rejuvenate their lives through accessing the organ transplant services from reliable institutions. Organ India is the most trusted destinations for the Indian people to connect the donors and receivers and helping the Indians in getting the best treatment deals from the expert medical professionals in nearby regions.

If you are thinking to donate your god gifted organs to serve the needy persons behind you then you can contact at the dedicated helpline number of Organ India. Organ India has become one of the biggest platforms of India to connect organ donors and receivers irrespective of any boundary. After registering yourself with Organ India, you would receive an organ donor card that will represent the true meaning of being a human. Even after the death of a person, if he has pledged his organ on Organ India and the family consent is received for donation then Organ India through its team help the needy person throughout the transplantation process and bring the smiles on the face of the person who is on the verge of losing his life. In accordance with the current development in the Indian medical science, Organ India has listed the credible medical institutions inside its transplantation guide to help the recipients.

Launched in March 2013 by The Parashar Foundation which is a Delhi based NGO, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India aims to address the dismal state of deceased organ donation in India. Organ India is striving to remedy this shortage of organ donors, and help create an ecosystem to facilitate organ donation in India. Understanding the importance of this grand humanitarian act, Organ India is trying its best to widespread the awareness irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. The sole motto of Organ India is to serve the humanity and to help the needy ones through providing them the proper guidance.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Organ Transplant in India-Cornea Transplant

Organ Transplant in India has seen a new era of transformation due to the unprecedented development of the Indian medical science. Due to the years of clinical research and development, Indian medical sector has become advanced one and now the organ transplantation is possible in India and there is no need to get depended on the foreign countries for the successful organ transplantation. Now, Indians have the privilege of reviving the lost lives in their own country. There are several medical institutions in India, where multi-organ transplants such as cornea transplant, liver transplant, kidney transplant, bone marrow transplant, lungs transplant, and pancreas transplant are being performed in the best possible manner. If you want to get the detailed list of the respective transplant center in India then you must visit the website of Organ India where you can get the desired transplantation service. The certified transplant medical institutions throughout India have been listed on the website of Organ India.

Organ India was established with a mission to serve the Indian masses in reviving the lives through successful organ transplantation. While leading the needed persons on the path of the best medical treatment facilities, Organ India is also creating awareness for organ donation. It has become a dedicated platform for organ donation and organ transplantation and interlinking the donors and the needed persons so that lives on the verge of being lost could be revived in the best possible manner. At Organ India, you can also pledge your organs to serve the humanity in need. After registering yourself at Organ India, you would get an Organ Donor Card which will a representative of your desire or willingness to donate your organ to the needy ones.

At Organ India, you can easily find all your queries being resolved in a detailed manner and you would come to know about the different aspects of the organ donation and transplantation If a donor wishes to donate his organ to serve the humanity and he is looking for a reliable platform then Organ India is there to assist a person in performing the most humane act. One can easily register, pledge the desired organ/organs be donated and claim a donor card. All the pledges of the donors received on the Organ India are forwarded to the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO), being managed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. Even a person has registered himself and having a donor card, the consent of the family is mandatory to proceed with organ removal from the deceased body.