Friday, 11 August 2017

Organ India-Liver Transplant in India

Launched by The Parashar Foundation, a Delhi based NGO, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, is an initiative to address the desolate state of organ donation in India. The lack of organ donors in India results in the death of various hospitalized persons. Organ India understands the true value of saving a life at risk and thus committed to developing an ecosystem where people can actively participate in organ donation and make the needy people revive their life once again. With improvements in medical sciences, bone marrow transplant in India, cornea, liver and pancreas transplant in India have become absolutely possible.

Organ India is a platform which is illuminating the bone fire of awareness among the people and making them understand the importance, process, and facts associated with organ donation. The diverse organs of a brain dead body can be used for cornea transplant in India and liver transplant in India. A brain dead body is left to die naturally, in the meanwhile the important organs such as liver, heart, kidney remain alive. What Organ India is doing is to make the people aware of the transplantation possibilities of such organs. This helps the required organ to be transplanted into the body of the needy person who will lose their life if they are unable to find the healthy organs on time.

Organ India works as a connecting platform for the desiring donors to pledge their organs. After providing all the required details, the willing donors receive donor cards. Donor card stands for the consent provided by a person that the living organ of his body can be utilized after his death. This consent again gets verified with the family's willingness after the death of the person. Organ India enables the interested people to apply for their donor cards in online mode.

There are two types of organ donation - Live Donation & Deceased or Cadaver Donation. One is the live donation and other is deceased or cadaver donation. Live donation means the donation of the organs by a living person, while in the deceased donation, the organ is donated by a person who has been declared brain dead by the doctors. Live donation can only be done for liver and kidney. Pledging organs at Organ India stands for deceased organ donation.

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